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Europeans Are Descendants of the Ancient Hebrews:  Ecclesiastical Clues

Who Are True Jews?  A Flowchart Study Tracing the Descendants of Judah

SHARON TURNER'S seminal work, The History of the Anglo-Saxons, addressed in part the question of the identity of the White race of northwest Europe.  Published in 1805 and meticulously researched from Roman and Greek primary sources, it is considered definitive.  He began his story of the Anglo-Saxon race when they entered the continent of Europe from the Caucasus Mountain range circa 600 BC, hence the reason the White race is called "Caucasian."  Turner states these energetic tribal nations were variously called Scythians, Goths, Gatae, Massagatae, and Sacae.   He tracked them westward from the Caucasus into central and northwest Europe where they became the dominant race by 200 BC.  But from where did they come before the Caucasus Mountain region?

A CAREFUL ANALYSIS of the Bible, the Apocrypha, Josephus' Jewish Antiquities, and a number of other ancient sources reveal that the Goths, Sacae, etc. who emerged from the north side of the Caucasus Mountains are none other than the so called "lost ten tribes of Israel" who disappeared into that mountainous region from the south side in the seventh century before Christ.  The cause of their sudden migration northward was the dissolution of the ancient Assyrian Empire from which they were most eager to escape after being taken into captivity by the same.  In the eighth century BC the northern kingdom Israel had been destroyed after three long campaigns by the terrifying Assyrian military machine.  Over a period of some thirty years, vast numbers of Israelites had been forcibly relocated in the northern region of the Assyrian Empire immediately adjacent to the Caucasus.  But when the Babylonians successfully overthrew the oppressive Assyrians, the captive Israelites seized their chance for freedom and bolted en masse northward over the mountains.

THUS THE THESIS is stated:  the White Anglo-Saxon and kindred peoples of central and northwest Europe are direct genetic descendants of ancient Israel.  Not only is this supported by historical documentation, but powerful evidence exists from Old Testament prophecy, New Testament epistles, archaeology, and linguistic analysis.  There are those who resist the connective proof because they fear the implications.  But should not truth be the highest calling?  Will you study the evidence with an open mind?

Europeans Are Descendants of the Ancient Hebrews:  Prophetic Evidence

Europeans Are Descendants of the Ancient Hebrews:  New Testament Evidence

Called by other names:  Scythian, Khumri, Goth, Massagatae, Sacae