The Perils of Public Education

By Reed Benson

While public school districts to vary from one state and region to the next, the general pattern is clearly not encouraging to those who desire a biblical worldview for their children. It is vital to remember that a biblical worldview is a frame of mind in which everything in life is considered from a biblical perspective. What that means is this: a biblical worldview cannot be obtained in a public school in America. Too much has to be undone, unlearned, and then relearned to make this a desirable process. Additionally, the peer group influence in most public districts ought to make every godly parent cringe in horror as they consider what their child will be learning from other youth.

So what really happens inside the walls of public schools? As a former public school teacher and coach, I have first-hand knowledge. It is possible for a few very unusual youths to survive the ungodly atmosphere without their Christian faith being destroyed. But most will not survive. And those that do, do not do so unscathed. Their eyes and ears have absorbed things that an immature youth ought not to endure.

First, a typical school district in America will work, year after year, to cram evolutionary concepts down the intellectual throat of every student. Students that resist this indoctrination will be scorned as ignorant fools. There is a mountain of solid scientific evidence to show that evolution is a weak and inconsistent theory. But no such thoughts are permitted. Evolutionary dogma reigns supreme, continually insisting that there is no god.

Second, historical revisionism in the "social studies" class is consistently downplaying the contributions of traditional Christian Caucasian men such a George Washington, James Madison, and John Winthrop to American history. Meanwhile, the curriculum exaggerates the roles of obscure non-Caucasians.

Third, English classes spend less time teaching grammar, writing, and analysis of uplifting traditional literary works and more time exposing students to immoral drivel that is supposed to pass as literature. Here the students are not exposed to Shakespeare, Milton, Twain, or Tolstoy, but rather to a litany of perverted twentieth century writers whose only common factor is their immoral streak.

Fourth, all students will receive a sizable dose of encouragement to develop immoral habits. Sometimes in health classes, perhaps in home economics (many schools have renamed this also), or possibly in physical education classes all students will be introduced to lifestyle behaviors that ought not to be considered. The free dispensing of paraphernalia that encourage immorality is a standard part of this process. Fornication, sodomy, and other related perversions are openly encouraged among the youth of American public schools.

The peer group influences begin with discussions on the bus ride and proceed throughout the day. From the lunchroom to the locker room to the restroom, your child in a public school will be exposed to other youth whose parents have no desire to develop moral values that are consistent with Scripture. The problem in our time of history is a tough one. A majority of homes in America make no pretense with respect to traditional Christian moral values. The parents are letting their children feed on a steady diet of MTV, Hollywood, and immorality on the airwaves. They are not distressed that the curriculum is hostile to Christian values. Thus, the majority of children and youth in America’s public schools are getting at home a reinforcement of the bad information they receive at school. In the public school setting, your child is outnumbered by his peers, outgunned by his teachers, and outflanked by decadent American culture as it attacks him from every angle.

In most public school settings, your child, by their first year in high school, will be exposed to people who have easy access to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, crack cocaine, methamphetamines, and several other illegal substances. They will personally know a number of people who consistently use these substances. They will personally know girls who have had an abortion. They will personally know boys who have committed deeds that are felony offenses but have managed to evade arrest. They will personally know homosexuals and lesbians. Your child, by their first year in most public high schools, may not seek these people out, but will nonetheless see and probably be obliged to talk to some of them every day. These dregs will be the among the students that sit across the aisle from your child in class, that might share a locker in gym class with your child, that sit across the table as your child eats his lunch, that ride the bus with your child, or perhaps park next to your child in the parking lot. Some of these students will have blue or orange hair, pierced lips, spiked tongues, and navel rings. Some will wear leather, chains, and as much black clothing as they can afford. Your child may not choose them as close friends, but then again, they might!

You do not know what will happen in a public school system where God is not invited, is unwanted, and will not be tolerated. Do not place your children in the public schools of America. An education that will build a biblical world view cannot be obtained there. The perils that exist in public schools are grievous and are not to be taken lightly!


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